Triangular Wall Lamp Led 3 Pcs For Kitchen Furniture

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Triangular Wall Lamp Led 3 Pcs For Kitchen Furniture

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Steel sheet spot for protruding mounting. Power supply without LED driver. The fixture contains an integrated energy class LED bulb A +. Under the lights of the cabinets, the appearance of your kitchen will be immediately updated. Each of these compact LED lights has a stainless steel trim, which complements the chrome luminaires. The triangular size of the frame directs the light down and towards the lower surface to create a pleasant room light. . If you wish, you can also remove the light from the environment to display a round light that can be mounted on the surface or recessed. pre-sales and customer service : Committed to providing the most affordable products and the best service. If you have any questions before or after the purchase of the product, please contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible. White. Features: Form : Pyramid / triangle Type LED lighting Input voltage 220 (V) Power 1.2w Guangtongli: 65 (LM) Number of LED balls: 15 bright: white color size 115 * 115 (mm) Case material "Degree of stainless steel protection IP42 Usage range: Window frames, wine cabinets, cabinets and other household lights 115 * 115 * 25mm

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