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The Paint Brush Cover

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The Paint Brush Cover by Likwid Concepts is a unique, airtight, durable plastic cover that works as a storage and protective device for a paint brush. Designed with an airtight foam seal, it allows you to store your paint covered brush for hours, days, even weeks, without drying out. Making any paint job easier and more convenient. If you need a break for any reason, just place the generously wet brush in the cover and snap it shut. Come back to it when ready to resume painting and your brush will be wet and ready to paint. It also serves the purpose of allowing you to store your clean brush and protect it from getting damaged. The Paint Brush Cover is super easy to clean, store and is environmentally friendly. No more unnecessarily wasting water and paint down the drain. One size fits brushes from 1/2 in. - 3 in. As seen on ABC's hit show Shark Tank. Features: Keeps your brush fresh and ready to use between coats without wash-up Unique foam seal locks in brush and allows for airtight storage to keep brushes wet for hours, days, even weeks Durable plastic allows for easy storage without causing damage to brush Designed for DIY and pro painters Great for the environment (saves water, recyclable) Easily washable Fits brushes 1/2 in. to 3 in. As seen on ABC's hit show "Shark Tank" Product may vary by store

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