Fd-eos adapter ring for canon camera fd lens

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Fd-eos adapter ring for canon camera fd lens

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Applicable lens: Canon FD mount lensApplicable body: Canon EOS digital SLR camera/film SLR cameraFeatures: Full manual control, manual focus, manual exposure, aperture priority, can not focus infinity.Material: aluminum alloyDue to the design of the imaging distance behind the FD lens, the FD lens cannot be directly transferred to the EOS SLR camera for normal shooting (infinity out of focus). Normally, it is necessary to install a corrective lens on the adaptor ring to shoot normally, and install a corrective lens It will affect the imaging effect of the original lens.The FD lens is transferred to the EOS SLR camera through this adapter ring without corrective lenses. The focusing distance is generally only a few tens of centimeters or even shorter, so it is actually just a macro adapter (close-up ring). ), the lens has also become a macro lens that can only take close-up shots Since there is no corrective lens, the imaging characteristics of the original lens are completely retained.

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